• First single


    On sale November 17, 2021
    Jacket illustration: Yuu Miyashita

    Yuu Miyashita’s first mainstream single that includes the ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End.”
    The first mainstream single by Miyashita Yuu, a multi-talented artist active in the Internet community who composes music, makes illustrations, and produces animated music videos. In addition to “Koufukuron,” the ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End” that starts airing in October 2021, the recording includes “bystander” written by Miyashita and “Phantom Raid” written by Ren, an online creator. The first press limited edition DVD also contains the music videos of “Koufukuron” and “Phantom Raid.” The jacket illustration was drawn by Miyashita Yuu himself for this project.

    Recorded tracks (subject to change)
    Track 1: Koufukuron (lyrics by hotaru/music by Tom-H@ck/arranged by KanadeYUK)
    *ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End”
    Track 2: bystander (lyrics/music/arranged by Yuu Miyashita)
    Track 3: Phantom Raid (lyrics/music/arranged by Ren)
    Track 4: Koufukuron (TV size version)

    ◆First press limited edition (CD + DVD)

    PCCA.06089 / JPY 1,870(tax included)

    contents: 1) “Koufukuron”
    music video  2) “Phantom Raid” music video

    ◆Normal edition (CD only)

    PCCA.06090 / JPY 1,320(tax included)

    First press limited: anime design sticker/wrap label
    *The design is an integration of the opening theme song “Sense” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.

    ©Tsugumi Ohba,Takeshi Obata/SHUEISHA,Platinum End Project

  • 3rd album

    Sabitsuku Made

    12 tracks
    Release date: January 20, 2021
    Title logo design:大橋 忍

    3rd album release by Miyashita Yuu

    The third album and the first in two years by Miyashita Yuu, who uses the Internet as his main platform and is known for his distinct form of expression and a world of his own.

    The album contains 12 tracks that are completely new, including ones written by Miyashita himself. The illustrations are also new and drawn by Miyashita.


    • 01. エンドゲエム(作詞・作曲:かいりきベア)
    • 02. 悪夢のララバイ(作詞・作曲:syudou)
    • 03. es(作詞・作曲・編曲:宮下遊)
    • 04. アノニマス・エゴイズム
      (作詞:hotaru 作曲:Tom-H@ck,KanadeYUK, 編曲:KanadeYUK)
    • 05. 君を論じたい(作詞・作曲:てにをは)
    • 06. アート(作詞・作曲:カフ@)
    • 07. Tisa(作詞・作曲:宮下遊)
    • 08. カトリーナ(作詞・作曲:楽園市街)
    • 09. ダリア(作詞・作曲:蜂屋ななし)
    • 10. Coquetterie dancer(作詞・作曲:煮ル果実)
    • 11. ハチェット(作詞・作曲:Mah)
    • 12. 輪廻転生(作詞・作曲:シャノン)

    ◆First press limited edition
    CD + concept book (24 pages)/open-ended sleeve

    PCCA.04986: 3,200 yen + tax

    *Contents of concept book (24 pages)
    Liner notes, MV trailer notes, comments from creators, composers, etc.

    ◆Normal edition (CD only)

    PCCA.04987: 2,500 yen + tax

    ◆PCSC limited edition (CD + DVD)
    *Pony Canyon online limited edition

    SCCA.00097: 3,200 yen + tax

    PCSC limited edition DVD track list

    • 「悪夢のララバイ」 Music Video
    • 「君を論じたい」 Music Video
    • 「Coquetterie dancer」 Music Video
    • 「ダリア」 Music Video(not released to public)
  • 2nd album

    Ao ni Aruku

    Release date: December 19, 2018

    Ao ni Aruku website

    ◆First press limited edition
    (CD + acrylic keyholder)

    QWCE-00697: 3,000 yen + tax

    ◆Normal edition
    (CD + 2 random bookmarks)

    QWCE-00698: 2,500 yen + tax

  • 1st album

    Tsumugi no Ki

    Release date: August 3, 2016

    Tsumugi no Ki website

    ◆Normal edition
    (CD + 2 random bookmarks)

    QWCE-00698: 2,500 yen + tax