Exclusive bonus by vendor

For those of you who reserve or purchase ❝Mitsuketa Tobira Wa❞ (release date: March 16, 2022),
you will receive an exclusive prize by vendor on a first-come-first serve-basis while supplies last.
Please make your reservation at your earliest convenience since each vendor carries only a limited number of the items.

  • Exclusive bonus from Amazon.co.jp

    Yuu Miyashita sings “p.h.” Arrangement Album

  • Exclusive bonus from animate

    Cover Illustration B2 size Poster

  • Exclusive bonus from Tower Records
    (not all outlets)

    Yuu Miyashita: Signed alternate album cover

  • Other support store

    Album cover postcard (2 set)


    Yuu Miyashita: Signed cover sticker

  • 魔法集市特典

    Yuu Miyashita: Signed cover sticker

Since the number of bonus items is limited, they may become unavailable before the product’s release.The bonus items are not offered from all vendor outlets and websites. Please check the announcement at each outlet or website regarding the bonus items before you make your reservation or purchase.The bonus items may not be offered with your reservation or purchase at certain events and concerts.