• 4th Album

    “Mitsuketa Tobira Wa”

    On sale November 17, 2021
    10 Tracks
    Jacket illustration: Yuu Miyashita

    Product details:
    Yuu Miyashita releases his 4th album.
    The fourth album of Yuu Miyashita, who is mainly active on the internet, and has multiple talents including that of making music, making illustrations, and even producing animated music videos. In addition to “Koufukuron,” the ending to the TV anime “Platinum End”, this album contains 10 songs total, newly written by amazing artists and including Miyashita’s original song “Ayka.”
    An original illustration for the cover is drawn by Yuu Miyashita himself.

    Ayka((lyrics/music by Yuu Miyashita  arranged byマロン菩薩)
    安寧の宴(lyrics/music/arranged by PolyphonicBranch)
    降伏論(lyrics by hotaru/music by Tom-H@ck/arranged by KanadeYUK)
    *the ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End.”
    パラサイトピアノ(lyrics/music  by SLAVE.V-V-R)
    FREEEZE!!(lyrics/music  by瑛大五月)
    迷妄、取るに足らなくて(lyrics/music/arranged by卯花ロク)
    幽火(lyrics/music  byコウ)
    ラストリヴ(lyrics/music/arranged by稲葉曇)
    newly-written song by Somari
    newly-written song byツミキ

    *Order or tracks maybe change
    *Recorded contents are subject to change

    ◆First press limited edition
    CD + concept book/open-ended sleeve

    PCCA.04986: 3,300 yen[tax included]

    *Contents of concept book
    Liner notes, MV trailer notes, comments from creators, composers, etc.

    ◆Normal edition
    (CD only)

    PCCA-06119: 2,750 yen[tax included]

    ◆First production limited
    (Normal Edition+GOODS)*Pony Canyon online limited edition

    SCCA-00129: 3,850 yen[tax included]

    Original Acrylic Keyholder (Two design set/size:W35×H70 / W30×H70),Original Can Badge (Two design set/size:54mm)