“Kofukuron” – Miyashita Yuu’s first single slated for release

“Kofukuron” – Miyashita Yuu’s first single slated for release

On sale November 17, 2021
Jacket illustration: Yuu Miyashita

First press limited edition (CD + DVD)  PCCA.06089 / JPY 1,870(tax included)
*DVD contents: 1) “Koufukuron” music video  2) “Phantom Raid” music video

Normal edition (CD only)  PCCA.06090 / JPY 1,320(tax included)
First press limited: anime design sticker/wrap label
*The design is an integration of the opening theme song “Sense” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.

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Recorded tracks (subject to change)
Track 1: Koufukuron (lyrics by hotaru/melody by Tom-H@ck/arranged by KanadeYUK)
*ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End”
Track 2: bystander (lyrics/melody/arranged by Yuu Miyashita)
Track 3: Phantom Raid (lyrics/melody/arranged by Ren)
Track 4: Koufukuron (TV size version)