[For LINE MUSIC users] “Kofukuron” play campaign for giveaways

An original item will be presented to 20 winners by random drawing for repeated plays of Miyashita Yuu’s “Kofukuron” on LINE MUSIC.

Campaign period (for playing the song)

Ends at 23:59 on November 7, 2021 (Sun)

Campaign entry deadline

23:59 on November 9, 2021 (Tue)

*Enter the campaign by the above deadline to be eligible to win the prize

Giveaway items

Prize A (for playing the song 50 times or more): autographed B2-size poster

Prize B (for playing the song 300 times or more): “Kofukuron” mini acrylic plate (8 cm x 4.5 cm)

*each prize given away to 10 winners by random drawing

Campaign song

“Kofukuron” https://lin.ee/A8Pte0u

* “Kofukuron” (TV size) is not subject to the campaign

How to enter the campaign


Install the LINE MUSIC app and register as a user.

*free one-month trial period for new users


Listen to campaign song “Kofukuron” as required by the prize of your choice.

(Enjoy the entire song♪ and give it a “like♥”!)

To access song: “Kofukuron” https://lin.ee/A8Pte0u

* “Kofukuron” (TV size) is not subject to the campaign


Send a screenshot with your number of plays of “Kofukuron” on “(Your name’s) Top 50” of LINE MUSIC by 23:59 on November 7 (Sun).

*Please note that your LINE ID, name, and other information may possibly be captured in the screenshot.

*If you cannot access “(Your name’s) Top 50,” it may be because you have played less than 20 songs on LINE MUSIC in the past 3 months or because your LINE MUSIC app is not updated to the latest version. The songs you play are reflected in the ranking the following day, updated daily at an unspecified time.

*If you do not play the song for a certain amount of time, it may not be counted as a play.


Send an email to the below address before the deadline with your screenshot and other relevant information.

Campaign entry email: form_yuumiyashita@9819.jp (Re: LINE MUSIC campaign)

*Include the following information in your email.

– Subject: LINE MUSIC campaign

– Your name

– Address (including zip code, name of building, etc.)

– Phone number

– Any messages or comments about “Kofukuron” would be appreciated.

*If you play the song 300 times or more, please specify which prize you want.

Entry deadline

23:59 on November 9, 2021 (Tue)

* Enter the campaign by the above deadline to be eligible to win the prize

Points to note about entering the campaign & disclaimer *Please read

  • Based on the total number of plays of the campaign song until 23:59 on November 7 (Sun)
  • “Kofukuron” (TV size) is not subject to the campaign.
  • You will not receive a notice if you are not one of the winners.
  • Please allow some time for the delivery of the prize.
  • The prize will only be sent to addresses in Japan.
  • You may not transfer your win to a third party or exchange it for cash.
  • We will not accept any inquiries about the drawing method and whether or not you have won.
  • Please make sure that your email address accepts emails from yuumiyashita@9819.jp (change reject/accept email domain settings).
  • You will incur all costs of communication and the LINE MUSIC monthly fee.
  • To “listen to the entire song,” you must subscribe to LINE MUSIC (ongoing campaign: 3 months free of charge for new subscribers).
  • If you are not a paying subscriber, your plays will not be counted. Only plays by paying subscribers or new subscribers free of charge for 3 months will be counted.
  • If you download the song and play it in its entirety offline or on airplane mode, it will be included in the count when you get Wi-Fi or other communication signals.
  • “9999 times +” will be the maximum play count.
  • Personal information obtained through this campaign will be used to identify and contact you and for other procedures relevant to the campaign.