NEW!Spotify’s gift campaign for “Kuruouze (Let’s Get Crazy)” for every follower

Spotify’s gift campaign for “Kuruouze (Let’s Get Crazy)” for every follower

Spotify will be handing out gifts to commemorate the release of a new single, “Kuruouze.”
Everyone who follows Yuu Miyashita’s page on Spotify will receive a screen wallpaper and the original image for the X header.

Campaign period
November 6, 2023 (Mon) to 23:59 on November 15, 2023 (Wed)

Present for all
The screen wallpaper and X header image created by Yuu Miyashita will be gifted to all followers.

How to enter the campaign
Access to https://lnk.to/kuruouze_campaign

Access from the “Follow” button in Spotify, then click “Done” on the next page.

You will see the unlocked icon, and the secret URL will be displayed. Follow the link to receive your gift.

After downloading, please tell your followers and friends about this campaign.
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【Important instructions】Please read before participating
*Those who had already been following the artist are also subject to receive the gifts.
*As screen sizes differ by smartphone model, the wallpaper may not be readily displayed or useable.
If necessary, please adjust the display size in Settings to fit your screen. Thank you for your understanding.
* Rights to the present cannot be transferred to third parties, monetized or changed.
* Any communication/data fees will be borne by the participant.